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Another Housing Adventure

A recent discussion of housing in Toronto, suggested it is time to consider combining schools and condos. What a great idea!
All available space will be used more efficiently and school sites will emerge where new condos appear. It is one way to make
condos more "family friendly". The part I personally like is the creation of "affordable units" in these condos. A good way to force
creation of affordable housing for sure and one of the better ideas.
It is common knowledge that developers are against inclusionary zoning, however if a school is part of the complex then the affordable
housing requirement fits right in. Certainly a logical step given that most of the building in urban centers are condos.
What about rural areas? The housing crisis extends beyond cities. Rural areas or small towns could make affordable housing a requirement too. Any new condo buildings would need to incorporate affordable units. Most town councils are reluctant to deal with the housing crisis but as our population expands, they'll need to make concessions for housing.
If everyone did their part, and used simple, doeable solutions the stock of housing could rise signficantly. Oppositon, a forceful as it is, must realize housing is an important
aspect of human life. Arguments which don't focus on this idea have no place in the housing discussion. Let's just do it!