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Why don`t we create housing?

Would it make any difference if all the concessions were granted? This is one of many questions which need to be asked. It seems that every stakeholder has demands and nobody is willing to compromise. Meanwhile, no new housing appears on the market and the vacancy rate falls further. 

What will it take to see more housing? Some claim federal funding, others argue local governments must provide incentives and others suggest amended legislation.  
If this criteria was met, would new housing appear?  There is much to debate. 

A larger more critical problem exists which needs addressing; that of housing as a right versus housing as an investment. 

Everyone needs housing for self-care, employment and dignity. The investor views housing as a way to make money. Is there a half way point?

A homeless individual views housing as a way to move forward and change their life. It enables them to open a bank account, provide an address, secure employment and most importantly provide a sense of stability.  These traits don`t fit with the investor. Investors want to see their real estate values increase, watch their bank accounts grow and then turn around and sell at substantial profit. 

Thus the trick is to somehow mesh the two.  In the conversation, stakeholders seem reluctant to acknowledge this idea. 

Maybe it is time for social entreprenurship in housing with a focus on the social advantages.  We need developers who are interested in creating creative, affordable housing with the profit motive second. Focusing on the social benefits and the good properties it creates.

No matter how small the step, if we can changie the conversation chances of success improve.  Who will take the first step? Doesn`t matter. Let`s just get going!